The Whole Package

Do you have a big physical challenge on your bucket list?

We can help from start to finish, we have lost of experience in helping athletes finish the most brutal of challenges but also enjoy them and want to do more.

We can work with you to create the best fit package for you and your needs, it could be your first or you 100th we can can help you recover and enjoy.

Sports Massage 

Bespoke massage treatment for your requirements. to help deal with any tight or sore muscles, to recover from a training or to maximise your output during the event.

Event support 

We have vast experince crewing for endurance athletes and can provide you with the assistance needed not just complete your event but to enjoy.

Event debrief 

As we have helped athletes from competing in the welsh hills to the hottest place on earth to 24 hour challenges. we can help you dissect your event and prepare for the next.

Pre and Post event Massage 

Specific Massage treatment designed to help your body preform just before your event and then to help you recovery after your event.

PRE Event Support 

After a gruelling event we can provide you with the right treatment to help you kickstart your recovery weather its to agin ago or to just get back to the office.

Nutritional Guidance 

We have on hand knowledge of what is required to complete and endurance event but we also work very closely with specialist to help create the ideal plan to aid your training and recovery 

Stretching and Mobility 

We provide multiple options to help you maximised the science in stretching and mobility training. you can book a one of practical session or. aback or just a chat on what you can do during an event.

In race guidance 

We can help you plan for each checkpoint/aid station. Help you think of all eventualities.

We can even be there for you if needed.

Equipment suggestions 

Due to our experiences we have worked with athletes with different needs in regards to equipment for all kinds of terrain. we can provide you with some real life experiences for all types of equipment .

Foam rolling 

Myofasical realise and foam rolling can be used for a high advantage, in all areas of training (Pre, During and Post).

we have the tools and the knowledge to help you maximise your training and recovery.

PRE Event Support 

We can help you plan an ideal routine to incorporate what you need to achieve your goals

Mental training/support 

Big endurance challenges are not always about being physically ready, you need to be mentally prepared. we have tricks and tips to help you manage the brain but also train it to help and not hinder.

Badwater 135Crew 2018
Badwater 135Crew 2018

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Cardiff bay 24 hour
Cardiff bay 24 hour

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Old Penarthains 7's tournament
Old Penarthains 7's tournament

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Badwater 135Crew 2018
Badwater 135Crew 2018

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What Our Clients Say


Rhys Jenkins, Ultra runner

"I have had Stuart crew for me multiple times and help has never let me down. He can even put up with my Diva strops... He will also be in crew"