Personal training

At SC Sport centre we offer blocks of 5 or 10 PT sessions, we aim to make sure the sessions are specific for you and your goal. We listen to you and help you achieve your fitness goals.

We also offer active recovery sessions for after gruelling events and training sessions, this aim to maximise your recovery to achieve your potential

Hand Weights

1 to 1 sessions 

A course of Personal Fitness Training is the best way to learn and maintain an exercise regime you can use at home or in the gym.  Whether you're a professional sports person or new to fitness training, we can design a course especially for you.

Modern Gym Ball

Tailored Packages 

Looking to create something truly unique?

Looking to create a bundle that will help improve your strength, flexibility, recovery and more areas?

Yoga Blocks

Active Recovery 

Active recovery is low intensity exercise that a person performs after higher intensity exercise to improve their recovery and performance. Active recovery has many benefits, and there are several ways to perform it. Recovering after a workout is an essential part of physical fitness.